Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who is permitted to purchase parts or equipment from Trane Parts Centers?
    • A: We are strictly wholesale and not licensed to sell to the general public. Customers must provide a business license and CFC certification card to purchase from our three locations.

  •  Q: Can I buy Trane equipment if I am not a Trane dealer?
  • Q: How do I become a Trane dealer?
    • A: Contact the Richmond Dealer Sales Office for more information (800)-533-4008

  •  Q: Do you carry parts for brands other than Trane?
    • A: Yes! We can order parts for all other major brands including Carrier, Lennox, York, Daikin, and many more.

  • Q: Can I register Trane Equipment Online?
  •  Q: Who should I call for equipment registration or warranty questions?
  •  Q: How do I receive a Comfortsite Log-in?
    • A: To be eligible for a Comfortsite log in, you must have an established cash or credit account with Trane Parts Center. Please call one of our locations to submit your contact information for Comfortsite setup.
      • NOTE: If your company already has a Comfortsite account, we must have approval from your company before any additional persons can be added to the account.

  •  Q: What is "Estimated Lead Time”?
    • A: Estimated lead time is the approximate number of business days it will take for a part to ship from the factory or vendor. This does NOT include weekends or any major holidays. Estimated lead time cannot be decreased by ordering an item with expedited freight.
      • EXAMPLE: If an item has 8-days estimated lead time and is ordered on a NEXT DAY freight order, it will arrive on the 9th business day, NOT the next day after it is ordered.
      • You can request an update on your order by completing this form.

  •  Q: How do I open a cash or credit account with Trane Parts Centers?
    • Visit our Open an Account page to download and submit your application!
    • For more information or for questions, contact our Finance Team at 757-558-0200
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