Friday, May 10, 2024 | 8:00 AM

Newport News Trane Parts Inside Sales Associate Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Georges JacobGeorges Jacob, Inside Sales Associate for the Newport News Trane Parts Center, is celebrating his 20th anniversary with the company this month.

A couple of Georges’ first jobs in the industry were with clients of Damuth Trane’s, where he regularly crossed paths with Damuth Technicians and Parts Associates. He originally heard about the role from a mutual customer of his and Damuth’s who recommended him for the position. The Newport News Trane Parts Center was set to open and looking for counter people and they heard of Georges’ positive reputation from Damuth technicians who had worked with him. Georges was soon welcomed on board and had his first day of work shortly before the store’s official opening.

Newport News Trane Parts TeamAs an Inside Sales Associate, Georges is responsible for increasing sales in parts, equipment, and supplies to contactors, building owners, and other HVAC industry service providers while providing exceptional customer service and seeking out solutions to ensure client retention and satisfaction. Chris Hayes, Newport News Store Team Leader said of Georges: Georges was the first person to show and help me learn the benefits of knowing the technical side of our industry to better serve our clients. He is known in our local industry as someone you can rely on to find that tough answer or unorthodox solution. From these lessons along with his ‘never tell a customer we can’t get that’ motto, I have been able to grow in this industry and build many great relationships. I am grateful to have had Georges as a mentor starting out and to currently be working side-by-side growing this business. Anyone who has had the privilege to work with Georges over the years is better for it. He is truly one of the most trusted advisors not only in this company, but in the industry as a whole.”

Georges lives in Suffolk, VA with his wife of 40 years. He has one adult son and three grandchildren of whom he enjoys spending his free time with. He also enjoys fishing, bowling, hunting and furniture building in his time outside of work. When discussing his tenure with Damuth Trane at the Newport News Trane Parts Center, Georges expressed: When I started, I had no idea what to expect. We opened the Newport News location my first week of work with only two people and a small stock; as the years went by our store kept getting bigger and bigger – now we have six people running an impressive supply house on the Peninsula that sells much more than just Trane parts! The team we have here in Newport News is the best group of people I could ever work with; I look forward to working with them for the next 20 years and beyond.”

Congratulations, Georges, on 20 years at Damuth Trane with our Newport News Parts Center team!